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Thursday, 07 March 2013 15:14

Political and former Jihadi leaders in Afghanistan's north called on the people to unite in order to rebuild the country, saying the divisions between groups seeking the good of Afghanistan needs to end.

At a gathering in northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif to commemorate the eighteenth year anniversary of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari, former leader of the Hezbe Wahdat, or Islamic Unity Party.

"A number of groups are trying to show that there is no one else to lead the country, but we should recognise them, and all together should defend our country," Mohammad Mohaqiq, leader of the Islamic Unity Party, said Wednesday.

Governor of northern Balkh province Atta Mohammad Noor addressed those present with a warning against disunity.

"We should not repeat the mistakes of past decades. This means, we should not make more mistakes," he said.

"If Afghans become united then there is no need for foreigners. Commitment, solidarity and unity is important in the Afghan nation especially between Afghanistan's leaders. These leaders can lead Afghanistan back to the past decades or can bring Afghanistan to complete peace," Noor added.

Both leaders emphasised the importance of the Afghan security forces warned that if the security forces do not grow stronger then Afghanistan will face a crisis after the foreign forces withdraw.

Mohaqiq suggested the money of the West had made Afghans weak.

"We have defeated the world's big powers and this is our pride. But today we are broken and that is because the foreigners are giving us money and the foreigners are doing the administration for us," he said.

They also spoke of the crisis that will follow a fraudulent election, saying that if the 2014 presidential poll is not transparent the country will also face a disaster.

Mohaqiq said the government should not underestimate the people because this will prove costly to the government – serious efforts must be made to ensure a transparent and fair election.

Both agreed that if the election is transparent and just and Afghan security forces are stronger, then Afghanistan has a good chance at permanent stability.

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