Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday Israelis must be ready for a long military campaign in Gaza, after mortar fire from the enclave killed four people in the Jewish state. "We must be prepared for a lengthy campaign," Netanyahu said in a speech broadcast live, soon after the news of the...
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Shaheedan Area in City of Bamyan Province
Photo by Sayed Tariq Majidi


Ali Seena

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US President Barack Obama called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, after Israel and Hamas ignore...
Israel is extending a lull in its devastating Gaza offensive for another 24 hours but Hamas has re...
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Hamas Wednesday rejected a ceasefire to end 16 days of deadly fighting with Israel unless the bloc...
Israel said there was no reason to cancel flights after a rocket fired from Gaza crashed just kilo...
Israel pummelled Gaza for a 14th day on Monday, hiking the Palestinian death toll to more than 570...

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